Electronic Design, Manufacturing & Assembly

Our experienced engineers are able to produce any electronic design to customer specification, from simple relay interface, microcontroller & PIC-based products to complicated multi-layer microprocessor systems with digital and analogue I/O.

We can produce PCB layouts from your schematics if required. All electronic and PCB designs are designed on CAD software.

No matter what genre of electronics is required, whether it's analogue, digital, microcontroller, RF, fuse blown indicating modules or relay modules, Colter can handle the design for you! We specialise in offering customers extremely low design costs as we know this can often be the limiting factor in whether a project goes ahead or not. So even if your already using another supplier for your design and manufacturing, give us a call and we'll happily come in and discuss your requirements.

We're sure we can offer you a faster, cheaper and better quality service. Especially for control applications and field wiring interfaces Colter Products has a wide range of electronic manufacturing services, that can be adapted to meet the customer's every requirement, including;- Flow soldering, Surface mount assembly, Conventional PCB assembly, Fast turnaround prototype service.

We also have a fully equipped electronics laboratory to offer device programming and full functional testing.

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